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South Facing

Revitalising London’s finest concert bowl venue

A durable yet dynamic site design

In partnership with the concert promoter, we brought to life South Facing, a remarkable series of nine concerts held over three consecutive weekends. Each concert drew a crowd of up to 10,000 fans, every event with its unique needs for infrastructure and aesthetics. Our team embraced this challenge wholeheartedly, crafting a site that could withstand the test of time while accommodating the diversity of content and audience. To utilise every inch of space within this compact bowl, we floated the main stage on the pond, reimagining London's premier park concert venue.

Balancing bold production with delicate surroundings

From the project's very inception, one of our core objectives was to preserve the historical and ecological significance of Crystal Palace Park, a cherished Grade II listed landmark. Achieving this called for meticulous management of its rich heritage and delicate ecology. Throughout every phase of the event, we collaborated closely with expert consultants, seamlessly integrating these elements into dedicated heritage and ecology site plans. Utilising state-of-the-art GPS technology, we were able to reduce our impact on the park while optimising operational efficiency, thus safeguarding the park's unique character for generations to come.


I worked with METHOD for the first time on South Facing 2023, and their team did an excellent job. Their ethos of focussing on the detail and coming to terms with the nuances of a complex project early in the planning process was a refreshing approach, and resulted in a very smooth delivery. It’s great seeing such refined processes from a young company, and I look forward to working with them more in the future.

Marcus Weedon

Founder, South Facing



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