A Festival Series

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The Drumsheds

A one-site-fits-all approach to festivals

A new type of concert series for London

We are working with Broadwick Live to deliver a groundbreaking series of 10,000 capacity events at one of their unique venues: The Drumsheds. The project requires the design and implementation of core infrastructure to enable the multi-event use of the site's indoor and outdoor spaces. This base infrastructure provides the operational framework for a broad scope of events, each with its own creative and experiential overlay, which we deliver end-to-end.

An industrial space of gargantuan proportions

Broadwick’s meanwhile activation of the site breathes new life into this forgotten industrial behemoth - demonstrating that exceptional customer experiences can be delivered in unique, challenging environments. Our role in delivering this summer series of events has involved working alongside Broadwick to navigate planning and licensing applications, local authority and stakeholder engagement. We have developed an event model that works within the confines of the site, securing all staff and infrastructure resources required to facilitate the events then managing the delivery.


We originally engaged Method to work with us on the enabling works for large-scale events at our London venues. Their thorough approach and positive attitude is just what we needed to establish event models that work for our unique indoor/outdoor spaces, and they are now responsible for delivering our very biggest shows. <br><br> They continue to deliver great quality work on tight deadlines, and know this space well enough to catch problems before they develop. It’s been a huge benefit having Method work on our most ambitious projects, and we look forward to running more boundary-pushing events with them in the future.

Matthew Johnston

Head of Entertainment <br> Broadwick Live



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