Activation Strategy

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A vast expanse steeped in industrial heritage

Opportunities identified and risks mitigated

A 160,000 square metre concrete expanse sounds like a dream setting for an event space in London. Silvertown, however, comes complete with two crumbling listed buildings and is flanked by London City Airport and a noise-sensitive residential development. Method were engaged to conduct a feasibility study, which has resulted in a detailed report that sets out a model for the meanwhile use of the site.

A framework for delivery on the path to full consultation

This involved liaison with local authorities, traffic and highways, Transport for London and local resident and business stakeholders; creating a framework for how very large events could be conducted at the site. A site plan was created, along with a scope of work for groundworks and renovations, plans for ingress, egress and evacuation, transport and noise management; demarcating the usable footprint.


Simeon Aldred

Strategy & Founder <br> Broadwick and Vibration Groups



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