A Value Proposition

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Customers at Truck festival enjoying a powder paint fight in front of a helter skelter

Truck Festival

Family friendly yet adventurous<br>a Mecca for new talent

A novel yet fitting creation

The best customer experiences at events don't have to be the biggest, or the most expensive. Truck Festival is one of the UK’s longest running independent festivals, having started as a local gathering for the residents of Steventon village in 1998. More than 20 years on it continues in its same community-based, inclusive and independent spirit but welcoming up to 25,000 people and raising over £100,000 for charity.

Supporting some great causes

Method has been involved in some capacity and now end-to-end production for more than 5 years, during which time we have navigated through the challenges typical of a camping festival in the British countryside. It is our mission to help the event maintain its cult following, steadily grow and increase its production value, while still allowing it to feel like an extension of the village of Steventon.


I've worked with Method over a plethora of events for many years. They've always felt part of our team and are one of the good guys. A great attention to detail with a personable, responsive approach. They're fully adaptable, encouraging and supportive of any brief - or problems - we throw at them. <br><br> There's always a rare sense of satisfaction having them on board, safe in the knowledge the best solutions can be found. I totally look forward to working with them in the fields, come rain or shine.

Conor Burns

Marketing Manager <br> Truck Festival



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