An image of the Tramlines 2022 main stage emblazoned with 'METHOD is a Certified B Corporation'

We are a B Corp!

We're thrilled to share that METHOD has achieved B Corp certification, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices, while joining a community of 1,900 other like-minded businesses in the UK. As a leading event production company, we're dedicated to driving positive social and environmental change, and this prestigious certification validates our ongoing efforts.

B Corps are businesses that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. By joining this esteemed community, METHOD reaffirms its core values of sustainability, transparency, and community impact.

"We are thrilled to be recognised as a B Corp," said Will Holdoway, Co-Founder and Director of METHOD. "This certification validates our investment in sustainability and social practices to date - we’ve been reinvesting significant revenue in green initiatives since day one. But more than an accolade, B Corp certification is a milestone that cements our unwavering commitment towards a positive future and commitment to maintain these values while we grow.”

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond internal operations to the events we produce and has included client-focused initiatives such as transitioning to 100% greener fuel sources and zero waste to landfill. From music festivals to boutique gatherings, METHOD strives to minimise waste, reduce carbon emissions, and promote social responsibility at every stage of event planning and execution.

"We believe that events have the power to inspire positive change and bring communities together," said James Dutton, Co-Founder and Director of METHOD. "B Corp demonstrates our commitment to harnessing that power for good. This certification underscores our values, and in this challenging time for the sector, it's crucial we maintain these principles. It is a real testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as our clients and partners who share our vision for a positive future."

Tramlines, one of the UK's largest metropolitan festivals, has been a longstanding partner of METHOD.

“We’re proud to see our production partner METHOD gaining this certification“ said Matt Harrap, Tramlines Director. “It is great to work with a team who are alongside our values of positive social change. Our ongoing work to develop Tramlines Trust and further initiatives including this year’s Music Support Safe Hub underscore our commitment to empowering social change and supporting local communities”

GALA, another valued client of METHOD, echoed similar sentiments.

''As an organisation committed to social and environmental responsibility, we value partners who share these standards,” said Laura Hemmings, GALA Head of Production. "At GALA we’re heavily invested in the constant innovation around social and environmental impact, as well as a commitment to transparency and accountability as shown in our reporting.''

METHOD's B Corp certification is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By joining the ranks of certified B Corps, METHOD continues to inspire positive change in the industry and sets new standards in sustainable event production.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.



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