An image of METHOd's style guiding, demonstrating the orange and teal colours used and their RGB values.

The Identity Behind Our Method

At METHOD, as a leading outdoor event production consultancy, we recognise the importance of consistent branding. Our visual identity, created with the help of All Purpose Studio, is evident in all aspects of our business, from our logo to the documents, spreadsheets, and plans we produce. This consistency helps reflect our attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality events.

Orange and teal were chosen to represent our values and strengths as a company. Orange represents positivity, creativity, and honesty. Its warm and inviting hue aligns with our commitment to creating positive and memorable events for our clients. The creativity it conveys speaks to our focus on bringing unique and innovative ideas to event planning. The honesty it represents is a reflection of our values of honesty and transparency.

Teal represents tastefulness, confidence, and innovation. Its sophisticated nature showcases our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence in event production. The confidence it conveys speaks to our experience and expertise in the industry. The innovation it represents aligns with our focus on constantly finding new and better ways to deliver events.

As complementary colours, orange and teal work together to create a visually appealing and balanced brand image. They represent our values of balance, attention to detail, and tastefulness; this reflects our commitment to detail-oriented planning and execution.

Our logotype uses the font La Nord by award-winning type designer Raoul Gottschling, including a circle glyph that represents focus and timeliness. This further emphasises our commitment to delivering events on time and with a focus on the details that make each event unique.

In every document and plan we create, our focus on detail is evident. Our branding, from the colour palette to the font choices, helps us maintain this focus, ensuring that all materials produced reflect our commitment to delivering events that are both memorable and innovative.

Consistent branding is a critical element of METHOD's identity. Our visual identity, reflected in all aspects of our business, helps communicate our attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and distinctive approach to event production. By consistently applying our brand elements, we ensure that our materials are easily recognisable and that our clients' events are unforgettable.



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