Two production team members standing with hi-vis and radios on in awe of the main stage before opening to the public at Truck.

Technical Production Volunteering at Truck Festival

London, UK - Method, a London-based event production consultancy specialising in outdoor events, festivals, and placemaking, is thrilled to announce the continued success of its volunteering programme at the highly acclaimed Truck Festival in South Oxfordshire. The programme, which initially welcomed ten talented individuals in 2022, has not only contributed to the festival's technical production but has also served as a stepping stone for career advancement within the industry. In 2023, Method is proud to welcome another cohort of ten volunteers, while celebrating the promotion of three individuals from the original cohort to more senior paid roles.

The Truck Festival volunteering programme has been a platform for emerging professionals to gain hands-on experience and showcase their skills in various technical production roles. Method's collaboration with prestigious institutions such as BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute) and the Manchester University Technical Theatre Society (MUTTS) has fostered a dynamic learning environment and facilitated career development opportunities for the participants.

Among the original cohort, three individuals have now secured senior paid roles within the industry. One volunteer has joined Southby Productions (, the newly appointed audio supplier for the festival's top three stages. They will be responsible for ensuring exceptional sound quality and a memorable audio experience for festival-goers. Another volunteer has taken on a stage crew role on the third stage, contributing to the smooth execution of performances and stage operations. The third individual has advanced to managing the production office, overseeing critical logistics and coordination behind the scenes.

"We are immensely proud of the growth and achievements of our volunteers," said Will Holdoway, Co-Founder of Method. "Their dedication and talent have been instrumental in elevating the festival experience for attendees. We are thrilled to witness their progression within the industry and the impact they are making in their respective roles."

The success and expansion of the volunteering programme highlight Method's commitment to nurturing emerging talent and providing valuable opportunities for career development. The programme continues to attract individuals passionate about the live music industry, offering them a chance to work alongside industry professionals and gain invaluable practical experience.

Truck Festival organisers have expressed their gratitude for the dedication and contributions of the volunteers. The festival's technical production has greatly benefited from their skills and enthusiasm, ensuring the seamless execution of the event year after year.



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